Transcription Services

If you would like a tab to an entire song or even just a section, but canít find it anywhere, consider hiring me to transcribe it for you. Even in 2008, there just arenít many accurate bass tabs out there, and almost nothing for jazz.   

I also offer transcriptions for guitar.  There is an incredible amount of wrong tabs for modern pop music styles like Emo, Metal, and Punk. 

If you are having difficulty with a particular section of a song, perhaps the tab you are looking at is wrong or very poorly written.  My tab will be in Guitar Pro so you can listen to the MIDI file while you look at the notes to see how it all fits.  All of my transcriptions come with both sheet music and tab. 

Depending on the difficulty of the song, prices range from $.50 to $3.00 a measure.  A 16-bar Marcus Miller solo would cost $30.  The guitar to an entire Punk or Emo song would be $25, or the cost of one guitar lesson. 

Send an Email of the song in wav or mp3 format with the exact time count you want transcribed, and I will give you a quote.  Turnaround time is usually one or two days from when I start working on a song.